Annukka Jewelry Design website store is temporarily inactive.

I will be studying towards a master's degree until June 2019, and I am unable to maintain an online store.

I may be able to take on custom work during this time. You can ask me about custom work by sending me a message.

Thank you for your continued support!

Day #15,217 in the life of yours truly

First day of a long weekend, hooray!! I woke up so refreshed after a very good sleep of 9 hours. I thought I'd do "normal people" stuff today, like shopping and yoga.
Nico and I went shopping about 15 miles away for some pegs for his new BMX. Found some really nice steel ones in a bike shop, and they were reduced by 50%. Score! At the checkout I realized I didn't have my purse with me, and therefore no credit card or cash. No problem I thought, I just transferred some money from my account to Nico's, and sent Nico to fetch his card from the car.

Long time no blog!

Wow, I can NOT believe how much time has passed since I lost wrote a blog! As usual, time is passing by at break-neck speed, with almost too much crammed in to every available moment.

... And then my head exploded!!

So, I got a Western Union money wire today, and knew I was on a tight schedule after work to get the cash to my bank, so I can order metals today, and have it here in time for the weekend. I left work to drive to the town where I wanted to withdraw said cash, and deposit to my bank. "I have 45 mins" I said, "that's plenty of time" I said.

Happy 12th birthday Nico!!

My son Nico is turning 12 today, congratulations to my young man!

We had a lovely weekend, he invited 9 of his friends to go bowling on Friday evening. The bowling alley has glow bowling with music on Fridays, and the boys had a blast. And mom got to bowl too. 

We got back home quite late on Friday evening, but I couldn't resist getting to the bench for a short while.

Competitions and stuff

On this chilly Friday morning, as I get ready to go to work at the hospital, and try to not let the looming kid's birthday party stress me out, I thought I'd share a couple of competition wins with you.

In August 2015 I won Cooksongold's Design of the Week competition with this Argentium sterling silver, 14K yellow gold and Rutilated Quartz pendant.

I have the best customers

A happy customer = happy me!!

I'm sometimes lucky enough for my customers to send me pictures of them wearing their new jewelry from me. This week I had two, and both on the same morning!

I'm in love

My first love was silver, but I'm in love again. This time with gold.
Recently I have been fortunate enough to be able to work in 18K gold, and it's a dream!

Venturing in to the unknown...

... in more ways than one!

This past week I was fortunate enough to find more time than usual for jewelry. I learned how to bead set, and made this rather funky ring. Argentium sterling silver with bead set 1mm black spinels. Those tiny gems were a huge challenge to set without a microscope!

About diets and eating

Back in the beginning of April this year I decided I needed to change the way I eat. I had gained a lot of weight since Christmas, and my clothes washer was starting to shrink my jeans especially (I know, what a sod!!). Let’s go back to what happened at Christmas. Every year we get together at my uncle’s house for Christmas celebrations, and the food there is always not only absolutely ridiculously delicious, but also plentiful. In fact, I’m pretty sure a small army would come out satisfied.

One man's trash

On my way to the car yesterday, I was taking some trash out. Where I live, we have these communal sheds for all different trash cans and recycling bins. While I was there, I saw this on the floor!