April 2017

Day #15,217 in the life of yours truly

First day of a long weekend, hooray!! I woke up so refreshed after a very good sleep of 9 hours. I thought I'd do "normal people" stuff today, like shopping and yoga.
Nico and I went shopping about 15 miles away for some pegs for his new BMX. Found some really nice steel ones in a bike shop, and they were reduced by 50%. Score! At the checkout I realized I didn't have my purse with me, and therefore no credit card or cash. No problem I thought, I just transferred some money from my account to Nico's, and sent Nico to fetch his card from the car.

Long time no blog!

Wow, I can NOT believe how much time has passed since I lost wrote a blog! As usual, time is passing by at break-neck speed, with almost too much crammed in to every available moment.