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So, I got a Western Union money wire today, and knew I was on a tight schedule after work to get the cash to my bank, so I can order metals today, and have it here in time for the weekend. I left work to drive to the town where I wanted to withdraw said cash, and deposit to my bank. "I have 45 mins" I said, "that's plenty of time" I said. But whaddya know, the road is filled with the MostSlowAssedDriversKnownToFriggingMan!!

Ok no panic, I arrive in the town, with 17 minutes to spare. "That's still plenty of time" I say, "bank is right next door to the Western Union service point" I say. I get to the service point with 15 mins to spare. Then the woman serving me starts messing around with the computer, and after 6 precious minutes wasted, finally informs me that their internet connection is down, and could I maybe go to the nearest other service point?! Yeah sure, I drive to the other one, still close to my bank. Now I have 7 minutes to spare, and 6 by the time it's my turn to be served. At which point the woman ANSWERS THE PHONE AND STARTS HELPING SOMEONE ELSE!! (Intentional caps, I'm agitated now). So, she starts counting my money with 3 minutes to spare, and then realizes she doesn't have enough cash. So she walks (SLOWLY!!) to the back room to get more. When she gets back, I remark that I might not make it to the bank now. To which she replies "Yeah probably not, but luckily you were late anyway". WTH???? (By this point my tongue is really hurting from biting it so much).

I leave the service point with less than a minute to spare. And get to my bank 1 minute late. And the doors are already locked, which I expected. So I drive to the nearest shopping mall, where there's a deposit point, because I'm just not carrying this cash around with me anymore. But it won't get to my account till the morning now. So I call my brother, and ask to borrow $xx till the morning. No problem, he puts the money in my account, and I can place my order as soon as I get home. Then I go to deposit the money in the machine, and it's one of those intelligent machines, that deposits in to my account straight away. Arrgghhhh!!!

I call my brother back "Ummm, yeah I'm just gonna drive home now and put the money back in your account. Thanks for the loan!". Drive home, get stuck behind a FLIPPIN TRACTOR for much of the way. But yeah, sent the money back to him, placed my metals order on time, and it'll be here tomorrow, yay!! 

Then I hop in the car again, this time to go pick my mom up from Helsinki West Harbor. I get near downtown Helsinki with not that much time to spare, and this...

I wonder what I've done to the universe!! Oh well, the weekend is almost here, and I can get to my bench, phew! But honestly, I feel kind of bad for the gym punching bag that will get in my way on Friday evening...


You make my day with this

You make my day with this story girl, an every one story of every day. We are living in a mad world, running after time , a rare thong we will never catch again! :)

Poor Gym Bag!

You were exercising serious patience muscle that day! Strong woman. I'm thinking it's better that it's a gym bag rather than a sparing partner!

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