Day #15,217 in the life of yours truly

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I will be studying towards a master's degree until June 2019, and I am unable to maintain an online store.

I may be able to take on custom work during this time. You can ask me about custom work by sending me a message.

Thank you for your continued support!

First day of a long weekend, hooray!! I woke up so refreshed after a very good sleep of 9 hours. I thought I'd do "normal people" stuff today, like shopping and yoga.
Nico and I went shopping about 15 miles away for some pegs for his new BMX. Found some really nice steel ones in a bike shop, and they were reduced by 50%. Score! At the checkout I realized I didn't have my purse with me, and therefore no credit card or cash. No problem I thought, I just transferred some money from my account to Nico's, and sent Nico to fetch his card from the car. Pegs paid for, no problem, so far so good.
Got back in the car to realize I forgot to fill up the gas. We're running on less than fumes but somehow manage to roll up to the gas station. Same business with the money transfer. Fill up, drive off.
Next stop is a shopping mall, Nico needs new sheets. You can imagine how pleased he is, shopping for sheets with his mom. Mom who can't stop cracking stupid jokes. I find some really nice cotton satin (200 thread count!!) ones for him. Same business with the money transfer. Except by now his daily spending limit has been reached. Out of the shop, log on to my bank via browser (app can't deal with stuff THIS complicated), change said spending limit. Buy sheets, head for home.
Come back home, go to the bike shed to fit the pegs. Oh dammit, they're not simple screw-on ones, they need to be bolted on with 18mm hex bolts. Have to run back indoors to get the hex keys. Back to the bike shed - I LEFT MY KEYS INDOORS!!!! Call my mom who has a spare key, she's not answering because she's out to a restaurant and left her phone home. Call my auntie who is with her. She doesn't answer because she left her phone at my mom's. Call the maintenance people, who will send someone to open the door "at some point" at a charge of 50 euros. OH!! I have to cancel yoga as I'm not going to make it now!! 
Mom calls, cancel the 50 euro door opening, she brings the key. Ok phew, back to the pegs. Erm, my biggest hex key is 15mm. Off to the hardware store. Get out of there a) alive and b) only 3.50 poorer and c) with an 18mm hex key.
So, I'm not sure what to think about today. Except that I'm going to go in my studio now, I'm safe there...


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