Happy 12th birthday Nico!!

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My son Nico is turning 12 today, congratulations to my young man!

We had a lovely weekend, he invited 9 of his friends to go bowling on Friday evening. The bowling alley has glow bowling with music on Fridays, and the boys had a blast. And mom got to bowl too. 

We got back home quite late on Friday evening, but I couldn't resist getting to the bench for a short while.

I love the color of the fire you get when you burn off boric acid and alcohol. My metalsmith friends seeing this picture started a whole pyromaniac conversation started, as you would!

Saturday morning I took Nico shopping, he spent some of his birthday money on Game of Thrones collectables. I'm personally not that "into" GoT, but admittedly, the goblet he bought was way cool!

Sunday was cake with family day, and the traditional sauna evening in our house. Sauna was followed by more quality time with my son in the form of good food and tv.

All I had time left for was to tidy up my bench, and get stuff organized for the next lot of orders.

Yes, this is after I tidied up for half an hour, so you can imagine the state of it before! There's some lovely Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, and Quartz with black rutiles, patiently waiting for my long weekend coming up!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I'll see you soon <3


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Nico! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. :)

Thank you Heidi! We had a

Thank you Heidi! We had a wonderful time, with life being so hectic normally, it was really nice to just take some time and be together.

You were exercising serious

You were exercising serious patience muscle that day! Strong woman. I'm thinking it's better that it's a gym bag rather than a sparring partner!

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