Long time no blog!

Annukka Jewelry Design website store is temporarily inactive.

I will be studying towards a master's degree until June 2019, and I am unable to maintain an online store.

I may be able to take on custom work during this time. You can ask me about custom work by sending me a message.

Thank you for your continued support!

Wow, I can NOT believe how much time has passed since I lost wrote a blog! As usual, time is passing by at break-neck speed, with almost too much crammed in to every available moment.

I'm still a nurse, and I still make jewelry, so some things haven't changed! I have changed jobs though, and I work in our beautiful capital city, Helsinki, now. That means much longer days with the longer commute, alas a lot less time for social media and blog updates. I also don't really get the chance to make jewelry "just because", I pretty much only make custom pieces now - more on those collections at a later date!

Expect this pair of earrings I fancied making! I recently purchased a kiln, and with it came a bunch of packets of precious metal clay. I couldn't figure out what to do with it, as I much prefer to fabricate most things. But then I thought of these lava beads I've seen around. I filled some of the holes with PMC, fired them in my kiln, and hung the beads on some handmade ARgentium sterling silver ear wires (I can't wear regular sterling ear wires, I have a bad allergy to them, but Argentium I'm just fine with). What do you think?


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