One man's trash

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On my way to the car yesterday, I was taking some trash out. Where I live, we have these communal sheds for all different trash cans and recycling bins. While I was there, I saw this on the floor!

My neighbors have been emptying their shed, and they were throwing things out, but kindly leaving everything in plain sight before getting thrown out.  Where we live is nice like that, we all give our neighbors the chance to take something we no longer want or need, before we dispose of it. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of Nico’s old clothes and toys this way. Anyway, back to my newly found treasure! Well, this baby was coming with me there and then. I showed the tool box to my brother, who found it rather amusing that I was so excited about it. What is there not to be excited about!

I didn’t get around to checking the contents properly until this morning, just before I wrote this. There are various large drill bits, which will come in oh so handy! You see, one can never have too many different sized dowels to use to aid forming metal. And then there’s some copper sheet, which I can use for practicing various things. There is even a small hammer head, which I will recondition at some point, and make a handle for it. And that hook? Well, I’ve only been meaning to get one for a couple of weeks, to finish making my draw bench! There was even a beetle, whom I safely carried outside, so no worries there.

There are also various pieces of steel that I can test for carbon content, and use for making tools. The ability to make and modify tools, when you’re a metalsmith, is pretty much a necessity. Not only will you save money, but you get the satisfaction of using tools that you’ve made to the exact specification you need. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain tools that you just have to buy, like a rolling mill. But many smaller tools can be made and modified fairly easily yourself. Take for example the Synchronicity rings that I make, all the tools used for texturing those are modified or made by me. The hammer I use for the slate-like texture is a very cheap hardware store find. I just ground and polished the end. And the tiny punches for making the pattern? I made those from thin pieces of tool steel.

This most certainly was a case of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Now I’m off to explore the contents further, and go look for some rust remover…


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