Venturing in to the unknown...

... in more ways than one!

This past week I was fortunate enough to find more time than usual for jewelry. I learned how to bead set, and made this rather funky ring. Argentium sterling silver with bead set 1mm black spinels. Those tiny gems were a huge challenge to set without a microscope!

Then there was the ring with a rectangular stone. Those present their very own set of challenges, which turn out very rewarding in the end.

Sadly, I won't get the chance now to finish this until the weekend, but not so sadly, it has already found a new home.

All in all, a nice, productive week was had :)


A great week!

Getting into the studio before the weekend, let alone tackling new skills, is HUGE! You, dear Annukka, are a force of nature!

Hello Heidi! Thanks for such

Hello Heidi! Thanks for such a lovely comment - as always!

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