Jewelry cleaning and care

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Now that you are thinking of investing in a piece of designer jewelry, it is a good idea to read through these notes on jewelry care and cleaning. Following these guidelines will ensure that your jewelry piece will look its best and last for years to come.

If your jewelry piece of choice requires any special considerations, such as delicate stones and how to care for them, you will receive additional instructions with your package.



Put your jewelry on after applying lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume. Everyday substances like these can contain chemicals that will permanently damage the surface of your pearls and other delicate or porous gems.

Wipe each piece often with a clean soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration.

Store your jewelry in a fabric-lined box, each item separately, to prevent scratching. Store your silver jewelry with silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage container. This helps absorb some of the oxidants that discolor and tarnish silver.

Remove your jewelry before bathing or showering. Soap can cause a film to form on your jewelry, making it appear dull.


Don’t wear your jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening or exercise. This prevents physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids.

Don’t expose your jewelry to household cleaning products, or other chemicals. Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals and may harm some colored gems.

Don’t wear your jewelry in chlorinated swimming pools or hot tubs.

Cleaning your jewelry

For best results, polish silver or gold with a jewelry polishing cloth. The use of tissue or paper towels is not advisable, as these can contain wood fibers, which could cause scratches.

Using warm water and a mild detergent is best for cleaning your own jewelry. Mix a couple of drops of mild dish detergent with water in a clean bowl. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry. Remove item from soapy water, rinse it and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth.

Clean your jewelry often. Dirt, lotion, skin oil and soap build-up will alter the optical properties of gemstones, causing them to appear dull and lifeless. All my designs that include translucent gemstones have open backs for ease of cleaning.

Badly soiled jewelry should be cleaned professionally.